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Ben Richards is an outstanding and unique Australian and you can find him sharing his gifts in the tranquil sanctuary paradise of Ubud, Bali. Ben is a highly experienced entrepreneur of health on all levels and dimensions and he owns and runs – The Seeds of Life, a multifaceted café in downtown Ubud. They offer an incredible 100% live food menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner and catering. They also offer yoga, tai chi and chi gung classes along with regular raw chef certification retreats.

Please enjoy this interview as Ben shares his story that has led him to his passion of sharing his healing transmission through living foods and metaphysical healing. Ben covers some fascinating subjects such as diet, detox, solar protein synthesis, digestion, the magic of water, our attitude to ourselves and how we can heal the world via more empathic lifestyle choices.

As you listen to this interview, be mindful to not become caught up in terminology or conflicts with in concepts in comparison to your own belief system. Let the overlay of your analytical mind rest and instead listen to the resonance of this interview with your heart.

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Ben Richards