Heal Yourself By Changing the Past

Part One

Getting the feel that your past is optional


Numerous alternative healing therapies give clients the opportunity to examine the past. Some modalities even allow the client to explore events they don’t even re-call. As every imbalance in someone’s life whether or not its physical or mental – has a beginning point. This is a juncture on your timeline where the problem first came into being.

Alleviation of an issue can come when we simply recognize the cause in our history and ‘let it go’. More basic modalities and some forms of counselling allow us to examine the past and do this letting go.

Often mainstream hypnotherapists make no headway with client’s issues when they only examine a cause in this lifetime. When they allow a client to go ‘further back’ to the cause of an ailment, the client may then describe a past life experience, anywhere in the world, male or female, and of any age. Just recognizing this event in their past and letting it go, changes their future. Their symptoms can disappear, because the once mysterious creation point has been recognized.

Our individual Spirits carry these past lives events with them. Our past lives, and their memories, events and agreements shape our present. We are born into amnesia. Some of us slowly begin to lift the veil on our past and lucky individuals discover that we have the option of selectively letting our past go; to free ourselves of imbalance.

Along with past lives, some issues come from our genetic line. A traumatic event for your grandmother for example, can affect you. This event will affect all of her genetic line to varying degrees. The trauma is carried in our DNA and through the morphogenetic field of your family. Your spirit can access your genetic line to clear issues it has stowed upon you.

Many healing techniques, both ancient and modern, allow us to access and dissolve these creation points through time. The best techniques allow us to examine our youth, past lives, and genetic line free of modern scientific ‘disbelief systems.’ These constricting disbelief paradigms hold us back from truly liberating ourselves from the created imbalances we’ve been through on our individual journey through the ‘human experience.’

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Part Two

So what is Spirit and how can we go into the past?

The best description I’m aware of, that explains the power of allowing our consciousness to surf time and space at will, is the Australian and North American Aboriginal people’s ancient understanding of spirit. Our ‘spirit’ is the hyper-dimensional life form inside of each of us that moves through cycles of life, of which your current incarnation is but one cycle in very, very many. Spirit is referred to in many schools of thought as the soul. This interchangeable spirit/soul concept is acceptable, in the sense that most esoteric vocabulary is not taught in western English language, and these words are almost always interpreted to a varying degree based on one’s education, or lack there of. In most research, it seems fairly safe to interchange the words ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’, as the intention and resonance in their usage is almost always the same. For now I’m going to use the term ‘spirit’.

Spirit communicates through the alpha brain wave spectrum and we often feel this communication as intuition. Regular analytical thought and ‘problem munching ego’ exist in the beta brain wave spectrum. Being in the state of spirit is to be in the alpha brain wave state. Dreaming while asleep, day dreaming and some meditation techniques are in an alpha state. Perhaps you could call this a state of ‘non local hyper dimensional super-consciousness’ because anything can be accessed, free of time and space.

My favorite example of how quickly we can change brain wave states is when we are reading a text book. If text book just isn’t quite captivating enough, one moment we’re reading along quite happily, taking in the information and interpreting with our ego; and the next moment we are in a romantic memory with a lover and very much experiencing it. It’s like we’re really there, re-living every juicy bit of experience and pleasure out of the memory. We don’t want it to stop, so we linger there as long as we like. After an unidentifiable period of time, we realize that we are sitting there reading this boring text book and our eyes are still cascading down the page, certainly not taking in the meaning of the text. We have just moved from beta state reading the book, then to alpha when we are in the memory, and back to beta again when we realize our eyes are still scrolling through the book. We ‘step out’ of time and space. In the state of spirit, we can access a memory, go there and re-live it. It doesn’t have to be a memory; it could be a possibility or fantasy perhaps. Either way, we access a dimension where that is ‘real’ for us personally. This type of alpha state escape is very common for everyone. It happens often, even while driving and that is certainly more dangerous than studying a text book!

In a controlled or spontaneous environment, through this alpha state, we can access moments further back in time. With experienced intention and guidance, we can discover and clear up a lot of our shit. This is especially useful if you decide you don’t want to keep experiencing the same thing anymore. The cycles of similarity and the patterns will come up again and again in your life to point you in the direction you need to look: back, to their creation, for resolve.

So this is all well and good when explained in a shamanic, ‘just feeling it you know’, kind of way. If you do the research, the principals mentioned here are beginning to be backed up by a lot of modern, international clinical research. Further more, our grasp on the world of Quantum Physics since its Western discovery in the 1930s also supports these healing principals. On top of that, these principals are also backed up by the survival and continuing usage of countless ancient healing techniques. This approach for information is far more coherent with the ‘feminine’ or ‘yin’ intuitive energy in each of us. However, if you function more comfortably in the ‘analytical male’ or ‘yang’ mind, then the following is another perspective on the same concept.


Part Three

Collapsing Your Wave Function Back in Time

“Small objects can display themselves in one way or another but not both, depending on what the observer does; indeed, the object doesn’t have an existence in a specific location and with a particular motion. Only the observer’s knowledge and actions cause it to come into existence in some place or with some particular motion…. Its reality depends solely on the observer and his experiment.”

Robert Lanza MD      

When we cast our observations on matter, in present day, there is a ‘wave function collapse’ and all the possible positions for the particles that we are observing come into some kind of tangible, interactive expression. Before we collapse an object into a seemingly physical stasis, it exists as a wave of energy, not particles.  The projection of our consciousness collapses this wave of energy into particles and usually something we can fit into what you could call ‘channel normal.’ Before the observer or a surrogate observer such as a camera interacts with a wave of possible objects – all of this unobserved matter simply is hooning all over the universe at the speed of light in a state called ‘super position.’  The idea that for example, a planet can exist without any conscious observation is called ‘Locality.’ This is primitive Newtonian Physics style nuts and bolts masculine thinking and is totally not what is really going on. Just recently Steven Hawking mentioned that recent observations in Astronomy have been shown to be affected by the human observer. Yup, that’s right. Those big old stars are getting tweaked out by our consciousness when ever we pay them attention.

Essentially our consciousness is sculpting the infinite possibilities of the observable.

Before we observe anything, all possibilities exist. Just as with the double slit experiments in quantum physics, the trajectory options are infinite for any type of quantum particles in a system where the particles traverse a space between point A and point B. All possible routes between A and B are traversed. Furthermore, they are all traversed by one particle in zero time. Again to clarify – This creates the amazing ‘wave’ particle nature of matter.


As we mentioned with Astronomy, this physics is the same for any number of particles. So when you open a door to a wardrobe, all possibilities exist in that damn thing until you observe the interior. All the subatomic matter performs that ‘wave function collapse’ in zero time and creates something normal for you to observe, like a fur coat perhaps, or a portal to Narnia.

After the double slit experiment is carried out – Infinite possible histories of a particle’s trajectory from point A to B through this system exist. We are also a wave of particle possibilities, therefor any history for us is possible.

This multiple history system works for a single particle moving from one point to another and you –  a group of particles, are moving from one point to another as you traverse the illusion of your timeline. Due to the magical quantum nature of the very stuff you’re made of, any past for you, is just as possible as the one that you believe took place.

When you project your awareness back onto the history of your life, your past lives and your family history; all possibilities exist. The time, space and events of your personal history are in constant flux, until you project your belief and awareness onto them, like the wardrobe previously mentioned. Only this time, you are performing ‘wave function collapses’ for events back in time by remembering what you ‘think’ happened. Our entire concept of ‘I’ is the memories of all the things we think ‘happened’ to us throughout our life that lead us up to this moment. Once we realize this, we can see that our timeline is an illusion and that our subconscious emotional response is literally a slave to our ‘memory’ that we ‘had’ traumatic events. This information gives us permission to see that the concept of ‘I’ – the ‘me’ really only exists in the reality of the present. The quantity of our past dramas that we subconsciously ‘choose’ to drag and drop in the present moment is up to our personal discretion and free will and choice. There is no right or wrong. It more comes right down to the conscious internal inquiry of ‘How do I want to feel right now?’ The time you nearly drowned when you were three years old? That’s what you believe took place at that juncture. Your belief is projected to that dimension and each you time you recall it, it makes it a physical reality for you, both emotionally and with a subsequent physical cellular reaction. The emotional and cellular trauma exist for you in present day as you believe they should. No problem.

The magnificent little shiny diamond here is: you can change your past. You can change your past simply by choosing to. Yup… And we have the original DNA template inside us and written into the light around us for perfect health. We can journey home to this original state of being and health. The key is the art of letting go.

Okay, to reiterate: If all possibilities exist for you and these possibilities can be altered by what you believe to be true, then you can change your memories of events in your past, both consciously and subconsciously. What would you rather create when you were three years old? At that juncture, you can pick a better outcome: a less limiting event. Anything you like. Living in trauma is optional.


The skeptic’s boggle that commonly surfaces around this kind of content is the tunnel-vision-physics kind of attitude to changing the past. “See here, look at the scar from my chainsaw accident? Can we delete that in the past?”

No you cannot change that scar. But by fully letting go of the accident event on a subconscious level, you can clear the emotional and cellular trauma from that accident. What emotions exist for that individual when they are exposed to chainsaws again in the present? There will be some degree of emotional relapse and stress response wired into the body. And its this response that can be deleted by altering our relationship to our time track. And as we alter the time track, our memory can change. And even the scar tissue in the body can heal more fully once the event is cleared on this deeper spiritual level. This content is about changing our emotions and subsequent cellular state of health, not about seeking to change tangible physical evidence for past events.

So we can’t make it as if the Holocaust didn’t happen, but we can take the responsibility to change the personal, individual trauma in present day on all levels and dimensions. This is the ultimate self regulation; Taking deep ownership and responsibility for our circumstance and declaring now – ‘The trauma ends with me.’ Behind this statement are the goals of the human experience veiled as if it were behind a haze of amnesia. We incarnated here with the option of doing this work and evolving to higher states of being.. Taking these steps augments our multi-incarnational spiritual progression and reduces what trauma we pass on to our children, friends and lovers.

Many healing modalities free us from our belief that we’re stuck in a never ending world of pain, suffering, bad luck and victimization that becomes self-perpetuated. We just have to take responsibility and this requires looking back, to gain full understanding of how and why we set up these imbalances for our selves, then re-creating our situation, free of them.

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Tristan Bray

Mt. Hood, Oregon, USA

September 2014

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