Kuauhtli Interview by Tristan Bray PART TWO

Please enjoy this interview as Kuauhtli clearly explains the roles of the primary plant medicines from the Greater Americas. He extensively covers Peyote, San Pedro, Ayahuasca, Coca, Tobacco, Marijuana, Cedar, Sage and more. Kuauhtli clearly unveils the intelligent role of plant consciousness in these medicines. He describes how these plants are here to work with us and guide us and that this is absolutely not a coincidence.

As you listen to this interview, be mindful to not become caught up in terminology or conflicts with in concepts in comparison to your own belief system. Let the overlay of your analytical mind rest and instead listen to the resonance of this interview with your heart.

Kuauhtli has been sharing the transmission of his people through decades of global travel. He artfully articulates the Nahuatl language of the Mexica into Spanish and English, as he journeys through diverse communities as a porter of the ancient and traditional Peyote medicine. He shrugs off the much deserved title of Shaman or teacher and simply calls him self a sharer or porter.

Through his profound experience traveling through greater America, he carries the wisdom of elders from many, many American first nations. He is truly a master of his chosen path and has worked with Peyote for over 40 years.

Kuauhtli’s lineage: Mexica / Coahuilteco (Wirikuta) / Comanche (Texas)

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