Life Coaching and Empathic Counselling


What is Empathic Counselling?

This is a style of counselling based around the therapist fully connecting and dropping in with where you are at emotionally in your current day to day life. Empathic Therapy is based on care, courtesy, kindness and sacred trust. This counselling style also acknowledges your family,  ancestors and what emotional baggage you carry with you and why you’ve chosen this. Through exploring the bigger picture of your life path together, you can move toward transforming even the most unpleasant issues into valuable lessons.

As people, we learn so much about the self through opening to another person and  this is truly one of the biggest gifts of counselling. Bad habits of avoidance and addiction to self-victimization will often inhibit us from turning pain into expansive growth.

“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know”

-Pema Chodron

Storm over Byron

When working with his clients, Tristan uses his natural ability to intuitively gauge the limits of his clients belief systems and gently pushes them beyond their intellectual boundaries, exposing them to the illusion of limitation they may have set up around their healing process. Healing with Tristan is very dynamic, in the sense that he knows – every client is different – therefore, so are the techniques used for traversing clients through their unique process.

What can session help with?

Emotional imbalances like such as fear, shame, guilt and anxiety

Sexual Dysfunction

Relationship and Separation Support

Addictions and Self Harm

Breaking unwanted Cycles of Similarity

Become empowered through Quantum Self-Therapy Techniques

Become empowered through life in between life and past life awareness

Becoming empowered and through use of Core Body Consciousness Kinesiology

Making better decisions around diet, detox, exercise, relationships and self love

Assessment and problem solving around Food Choices, Exercise and Detox.

Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal

Learning sensible and respectful use of plant teachers and medicines

Post Plant Ceremony Integration and Counselling

Modern Youth Issues such as social media addiction, porn addiction, drug use, sex issues, obesity, anorexia, sexual and physical assault trauma counselling

Empathic Dreamtime Counseling

How Much? $150 Wilsons Creek Session or $170 Home Visit Session or $100 Skype Session

Duration:  120 – 180min