The Mysticism of Dan Schreiber and The New Sun Tribe – All of Lotus


Iswas Dan Love

“This here is a lotus seed.

– And within this lotus seed, is some very interesting alchemy. First of all, as a seed, this contains thousands and thousands of lotus plants – In fact an infinite number of lotus plants – Because as one plant grows, that then produces hundreds or thousands of seeds. – And each one of them is a portal to thousands and thousands more seeds.

So within this seed, is contained – ALL OF LOTUS.

lotus sml-Which is an unlimited amount of energy, which is quite amazing. – But what else is quite amazing about this seed, is that the lotus seed is known to be the seed that has survived the longest out of any seed in nature and still been sprouted. So they’ve found lotus seeds over 2000 years old and sprouted them and they’ve come back to life.


Now that’s pretty amazing – because if you could see inside this seed, there’s a white seed coat but within that there’s a small green lotus shoot, which is the two first leaves that come out and they stay there, in that suspended animation for essentially up to 2000 years, but maybe longer. –And when, in the right conditions, they sprout and come back to life! -And, you know – be this portal again for an infinite amount of – not only food but consciousness medicine as well.

8d32e409c683061bc8f4cb5c7fb953db--lotus-tattoo-tattoo-meThe lotus has been used by the lotus eating cultures and every part of the lotus is being eaten by them. The roots are a staple starch product. The stems get used in a salad, like a green papaya kind of salad. The young leaves get used both as plates to eat on, that you can throw away but they also get chopped up as a vegetable. The seeds of course, were an amazing food source because on the outside, its like chickpeas. – But inside the seed, surrounding that little green shoot, is a gel and in that is contained human growth hormone. – And human growth hormone – one of the only places – I believe is the only place (but there may still be more to be discovered) – is the only place in nature where human growth hormone occurs other than humans! – Which is quite amazing because its through the declining amount of human growth hormone in the body, that we start to actually age.

b28faf6d8b948fa31988463b261f4338--draw-flowers-painting-flowers– So maybe, this is one of the SECRETS to PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY – But probably not in the way in which we think. By RESONATING and TUNING into the FREQUENCY of the SACRED LOTUS, we may be engaging in practices which AWAKEN us.

At a certain level of awakening, we can learn, that we can change the frequency of our cellular tissue to actually move with us through time and space in a type of teleportation. Now the Tibetan Buddhists have spent many years – many lifetimes looking at this process. -And they have meditations around the idea of a rainbow body – where at the point of death, depending on one’s practice, you can dissolve the body into light components and actually take the body with you into the death realm. So this sets the tone that it is possible to dissolve our bodies into pure light and take them with us. What I’m suggesting is that this cannot be done out of fear. Because if we fear death and we try and develop our rainbow body out of fear of death, we will always fail. And so this has to be done out of a practice of LETTING GO of the idea of what life is. ”

Dan Schreiber

This is an extract from Dan’s talk – ‘The Lotus Eaters” recorded in the Lotus Tea House, Byron Bay, March 2011

Top Image art of Dan Schreiber Acsending back to Source in a Lotus by Izwos Design,, NSW