Mission Statement

Blue hole

I am here to help the planet. I am here to help the earth and all life upon it. We are people of the Earth and yet we seem to forget that fact as we lose our selves in distraction, trauma and self victimization.

My goal is to guide as many people as I can through their healing, letting go of their trauma, imbalances and pains.

Things need to change. People are not going to take the time to get out there and clean up our planet if they are behind closed doors in a world of fear, shame, anxiety and multi-layered forms of self harm. The totality of the compounding trauma that humanity is burdened with on this planet is a problem that I am doing my part to address.

As we take responsibility for our past actions (karma) on all levels, we can learn the art form of simply letting go, weather this be through the guidance of a healer or on our own inner journeys. We can truly release our past and return to a place of present day innocence and peace with a sovereign consciousness and awakened spirit.

I endeavour to equip people with the realizations they need to re-access their own innate sense of power, thus handing them spiritual permission to change their circumstances in all aspects of their lifestyles, as they so choose.

Within our intimate relationships and friendships I feel we need to come back to a place of trust and simple awareness as opposed to meeting new people from the all too familiar place of wariness and suspicion. Once we do the work of letting go of our attachment to self-victimization and literally shift our past time track to a new preferable one, we can simply leave our old hurts behind because they no longer exist for us and then we can return ‘home’ to a powerful place in ourselves that I call ‘Zero-Point Innocence.’ I have coined this term to describe the fantastic emotional power of that original place in our selves where we trust everyone because we simply have no reason not to. We are no longer jaded by the traumas of external and internal deceit, lies, disappointments and manipulations.

Bruning Man 2012

When I work with clients and through my talks and workshops, I try to share as many different healing insights as I can with people; in terms of both science and spirituality. What I’m trying to do here, is help create natural internal cascades of information within people far beyond the content I’m actually sharing. Sometimes the content inspires individuals to do their own research into healing. Or alternatively the content can open ups one’s own body consciousness around these healing concepts and the new information can continue to flow and unfold that way. Furthermore, as we expose our selves to higher vibrations of information and transmission amongst like minded peers, we automatically re-tune our bodies like a radio-transceiver to begin downloading data from the field of collective human awareness (akashic field) and even from nature.

My goal is to guide as many people back to their hearts as I can. One of the most valuable experiences in life is total trust and surrender to our partner. Through the ‘other’ we can totally discover ourselves. Complete undisclosed, heart opening vulnerability in relationship is all too rare in our modern world for various reasons. When we participate in stable loving relationships, this can build the foundation we need to have the maximum excess loving energy available to help the planet as a whole, through both calming our internal landscape and putting energy in to cleaning up the physical mess.

I’m here to help you let go so we can heal the earth together, as a team.

Tristan Bray,

Wilsons Creek, NSW, Australia, November 2015


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