The Mysticism of Dan Schreiber and The New Sun Tribe – Cicadas

cicada love
“One of the things I want to talk about is a True Solar EconomyA True Solar Economy is really about developing or cultivating a new relationship with the sun.

Most of us don’t know the sun. All we know of the sun is from a very strange scientific perspective and the sun is absolutely not what we think it is.

The Sound of the Cicadas right now are bringing us a message of the spirit in their sound and just to give you an idea..

I don’t know if you know, but the lifecycle of a cicada is very interesting. In China, cicadas, for the first born, they give a gift of a cicada, a stone cicada and cicada is wind – And there is a whole tribe in Ecuador called the Sequoya and they are the cicada people and they have connection through their Yahé with the heavenly people.

The story of the cicada is kind of interesting because they only have a very short life cycle out and about in the way we are experiencing them. That is flying around, mating and that cicada sound that you hear in the summer. Their life cycles are very variant. They can be 7 years or 13 years or 17 years for example. They are all in these prime numbers and they do that so there is no predation. So you may get a cicada cycle that’s 13 years long and what happens is, the cicada will fly around and have a wonderful sex life for a couple of weeks and then they all die. And they lay eggs in the trees and those eggs hatch and the small grubs fall out of the tree, they burrow into the soil and attach to the tree root.

So what a tree is – Is a tree is a bridge between heaven and earth. A part of the tree is rooted in the earth and we don’t see it – its in the dark. Its like the subconscious. Now, the tree root is very important because a tree is rooted into the ancestors. The soil is literally the decomposing of what’s left of the bodies of our ancestors. The earth is made up of thousands and thousands of generations of beings that have come before us: Dead animals, bacteria, earth worms, plants, mulch, cosmic space dust. All of that stuff forms the earth and its the past.
So the tree is rooted into the past and at the same time a part of the tree grows up and its standing there still in testament – And what it does is it stretches out these solar panels that we call leaves and on those solar panels a very unique interaction occurs that science is blown away by in many different ways.

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First of all, those solar panels collect light and they literally turn it into physical form – into sugars, in a magical process. Recently there had been some scientific articles about how the chloroplasts, which are in that leaf, actually capture the sunlight and they do this quantum thing called super position, where they calculate all of the possible roots the light could take. They pre-choose the optimum path. In other words, they are collapsing space time to do this feet of capturing light and storing it in sugars. And what they then do is they pump those sugars down into the roots during the day and they feed the whole soil ecology.
So a part of the tree is growing down into the dark, to the ancestry and part of it is growing up into the cosmos, the light and this beautiful union is what a tree is all about – Its like a vertical being drawing down cosmic energy and drawing up ancestral energy and liberating that in all of it’s products: Its air it produces, its incredible sugars that we call fruits, the medicines that the trees and plants make. And so the tree acts as this vertical axis and humans act as the horizontal axis. Its like a sacred cross.

So the Cicada grub burrows down to the root, which is like an umbilicus to the grub. And so it is receiving the light that comes from our sun through the tree sap elixir. Our sun is like the local internet service provider so the light that comes from our sun is actually a digest of all the light from all the suns – from the great central sun – And don’t let scientists tell you, (I’m a scientist by the way!) – don’t let scientists tell you that that light takes thousands of light years to get here. That’s all bullshit. The light comes from the great central sun through our sun and enters our atmosphere instantaneously. There may be a component that travels at the speed of light that we know – but the spiritual component is instantaneous. So what ever is happening anywhere in the cosmos comes through our sunlight in the form of a solar-sonic-music that all of life is tuned to – And cicadas are very specifically tuned to this.

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So the Cicadas, after dropping into the soil and gestating by sucking the tree sap for this twenty plus years in some cases – what that tree sap is, is condensed sunshine in a liquid form. But its not just sunshine, it’s the combination of the whole ancestry, in other words – all the past – plus the light coming from our sun
So just follow me on this because why I started sun gazing 40 years ago – when you stare at the sun and you start to develop a new relationship with the sun, that particular solar cultivation allows you to speak to the light and it allows you to download a whole bunch of information including a very specific form of nutrition, like a solar nutrition and this, as you may start to glean, as I go on, is vital for all living systems.

If ever you get a chance to look at a Cicada, you’ll see they’ve got a number of eyes but three main eyes with a big third eye which is supremely adapted to telling the temperature and reading the light – And at certain light cues, they all hatch out. So they could have been in the soil, sucking on that tree root, sucking that sap, which is being created by the leaves – And so THEY ARE IN TOUCH WITH THE SONG OF LIGHT HAPPENING THROUGHOUT THE COSMOS – And they are drinking that as a sap through the tree root and when they hatch out after 17 years at the same time – THAT SONG THAT THEY ARE SINGING IS THE CONDENSED STORY OF THE COSMOS FOR THE 17 YEARS – And when we hear that, our body, even though we can’t intelligently understand it, gets the download of light of what’s been happening in the cosmos for the past 17 years.


So that’s pretty far out – So next time you’re listening to a Cicada and you’ll hear that each different species has different sounds and you’ll hear they are all like a shamans rattles – And if you just space out, drop out of your mind… and you hear that wave come… and you feel into it… the Cicada can sense, they can hear the listening from your ears. And you can do this with any bird or with any insect. Listen intently to it and it will start singing just for you and there’s nutrition in there’s nutrition in that sound. SO JUST LISTEN TO IT FROM YOUR HEART AND YOU’LL HEAR THIS INCREDIBLE UPLOAD; A SONIC UPLOAD OF DIGESTED LIGHT INFORMATION FROM THE COSMOS. It’s a gift unlike any other and its heard by the trees – so when that Cicada is singing that sound, all of the stomata open up and receive more light.

So there was a guy who came up with an idea to play plants music – And he noticed all of the stomata open and they photosynthesize better and they grow better and he created a product called Sonic Bloom. So what happens is – a forest is a whole, you could say a whole temple of light. All the tree beings in there are columns of water that are adapted to working with light – And when the cicadas come out and sing their song, they create a dome of sound over the forest that is also complemented by the orchestral sounds of birds and frogs and crickets and all the jungle sounds – And they create like a sonic envelope – And that sonic envelope is really important because that sound makes the sunlight more digestible and as we start to remove species from the forest by taking away their host trees – And that frog species disappears and that insect species disappears, we actually create holes in that sonic envelope and that’s when you get pests coming in and that’s when the forest starts to degrade. If you remove enough of the forest, that sonic envelope collapses and forest degrades and eventually dies – And fortunately, we are at a time in history where we’ve hopefully reached the edge of the pendulum swing with the death of the forests, where we are now hopefully at the birth of a new golden age for forestry and replanting.

My EARTH BLESSING is to SEED, for each ONE of US to SEED the REBIRTH and RETURN of the FORESTS.”

Dan Schreiber

This is a synergy of Dan’s Transmissions at Earth Frequency Festival 2016 and 2017