Quantum Healing Solutions and Zero Point Innocence


Workshop Two

In this workshop Tristan will discuss the Quantum world and how scientific findings have lead to massive amount of spiritual growth real healing in modern times.
What is Quantum Physics and What is Quantum Therapy?

  • The Roots of Quantum Theory and how this Effects us.
  • Super Position & Oneness
  • The Double Slit Experiment & Duel particle wave theory
  • Evidence that time and space are Human Constructs and how this Helps us
  • Masculinity, Science, Healing Permission and Letting Go
  • Healing Ourselves by Changing Our Past

Quantum Epigenetics

  • Emotion, Hormones & the Quantum Field of Possibility
  • DNA, Sunlight and the Original Template for Perfect Health
  • Subconscious Survival Programs Created for Past Perceived Timelines
  • Family Trauma and Compounding Family Guilt & Shame
  • Karmic Responsibility & Healing Yourself and your Family Through Time
  • Infinite Family Fractal DNA Memory and Morphogenic Resonance

The Unity of the Internal and External World and the Biocentric Universe

  • What is Biocentrism? – The Role of Consciousness in Creating the ‘Outer World’
  • Why is the Universe Fine Tuned Exactly for us to be Here?
  • Being Present and Stopping Dwelling on Past Traumas
  • Why Any Universe that could have Preceded Consciousness only Existed in a Probability State…
  • Retro Causality

Harmonic Resonance

  • Harmonic Resonance and Learning via Silent Transmission
  • Harmonic Resonance and avoiding the effect of Negative Energies & People
  • Spiritual Anomalies in Clinical Hypnosis
  • Working with the Universe and the Synchronicity Cascade
  • The Pineal Gland Piezoelectricity, entanglement, refraction, Non-locality
  • Learning from Deceased Masters

The Illusion of Separation

  • Worry, self-centeredness, self entitlement and not being present
  • Dr. Rupert Sheldrake and the Morphogenic Field
  • The Holographic Universe and Holography

What is Zero Point Innocence?

  • Coming back to our powerful place of innocence to connect with others
  • Wariness vs Awareness
  • Living in our Childhood in the Present
  • Living in our Past Failed Relationships in the Present Relationship
  • Trust and Evolution
  • Quantum Manifestation


If you have any questions at all on the content, feel free to inquire.