Sexuality Counselling and Coaching


In a session with Tristan, he’ll help you explore the many avenues of sexual health:

  • Sexual Wounding and how this effects Women & Men differently
  • The Keys to Intimacy & Communication
  • Emotional Disclosure
  • Vulnerability & Surrender
  • Inability to reach Orgasm and Vaginal Numbness
  • The Yoni-Brain Connection
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Societal conditioning
  • Masturbation
  • Ecstatic Pleasure
  • Sexual Partnership Breakthrough
  • How to remove shame from your sex life

His multifaceted knowledge and candid, light hearted delivery… support these potentially tender topics, to all of a sudden, become a point of fascination and intrigue, drawing on your curiosity and leading you to a space of open-mindedness and even humour; when contemplating the many contributing factors to sexual relations that often create an energetic undercurrent of ongoing frustration, and more importantly – how to overcome them.

What once may have felt taboo or unsafe to discuss, or even face, will soon shift to well within your realm of safety & comfort and in turn become a catalyst for change.

You will gain beautiful understanding of the invitation to return to your innocent & creative sexual state, beyond healing – Whether this is to be explored within or outside a relationship. Embodying this natural state of being helps transmute your pleasure experiences into creativity and ecstatic journeying.  This turns your insecurities into inspiration, your blockages into breakthroughs & your triggers into triumphs.

‘A private session with Tristan has proved some of the most valuable hours of my life. Tristan answered questions I’ve had sitting in my mind for the last 20 years. I’ve never felt so clear about what is happening on a physiological level as well as solutions on what I can do to move towards a more empowered, an alive and creative human being. I have never experienced such a sense of understanding and hope around my triggers, my values and my sexuality. Already I am seeing huge shifts and improvements in my life and relationship. I have been to many ‘healers and coaches’ over the years, however never has the information made sense the way it did with Tristan. His knowledge is so incredibly valuable & transformation inevitable.’

Astra Hamilton, Byron Bay, NSW


After any kind of treatment Tristan will also record an articulate set of personalized positive affirmations and lessons for you. This will be emailed to you shortly after your treatment along with any relevant study material and resources you need.

Contact Tristan today for a one on one treatment

Wilsons Creek Sessions

Where: Byron Shire, NSW, Australia

How Much? $150

Duration: 120 – 180min

Skype Sessions Available

Home Visit Sessions Available Anywhere with a Negotiated Price


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