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‘I want to thank Tristan so much from the depth of my being …… My single healing treatment with him was the most holistic, authentic & therapeutic experience ever ….and I feel profoundly shifted in a cellular and spiritual way ….on every level actually …. Tristan is divinely gifted … And he holds it so humbly and honorably … It is beautiful so see ….especially in a man …. … I’m infinitely grateful to him. Blessings’

Sarah Miles, Mullumbimby, NSW


‘It is difficult to express in words how significant Tristan’s work is for the Earth, the collective and our own personal healing journeys. I cannot offer enough gratitude and love for Tristan’s ability to guide me through the mysterious landscape of my own being and illuminate what lay hidden beneath. Tristan opened my heart, and for the first time the light poured in and I welcomed myself home.’

Andrew Gurman, Melbourne, VIC

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‘I have had the blessed fortune to attend a couple of Tristan Bray’s workshops, as well as having listened to quite a few of his talks online …Tristan brings to his teachings an impressively wide knowledge base, being extremely well read and informed … More importantly however his own intuitive percipience, along with his exceptional ability to bring together the different strands of philosophies and wisdom, into an integrated and unified understanding, presented with his compassionate heart-centered yet empowered ethos, sets him apart from the bulk of personal development workshop experiences available to the spiritual seeker … Tristan’s passion for spreading his message, for the healing and growth of his community, is palpable and inspiring … I highly recommend sitting with this big-hearted gentle-warrior brother of light … Blessings’

Mira Rosa, Byron Bay, NSW


‘Working with Tristan and his regression healing techniques has been one of the most profound healing experiences of my life. I came to Tristan and his healing practice because I was feeling completely stuck in trauma, living in shame, guilt, pain and confusion. I am a professional in the healing arts and had seen many healers and had participated in various healing retreats for a specific issue of trauma I was dealing with and nothing had helped.It was not until working with Tristan that I experienced life changing results. I found Tristan to be a practitioner of the highest integrity and I was able to completely relax with him and to go deep into healing with him. With Tristan I was able to completely heal the trauma I have been suffering from for so long. After my session, I felt immediate results of peace and freedom. I am now living free from trauma and fully embracing my life, relationships and career like I never have before. I highly recommend Tristan Bray as a wonderful and integral practitioner.’

Kaitlyn, BC, Canada

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‘A private session with Tristan has proved some of the most valuable hours of my life. Tristan answered questions I’ve had sitting in my mind for the last 20 years. I’ve never felt so clear about what is happening on a physiological level as well as solutions on what I can do to move towards a more empowered, alive and creative human being. I have never experienced such a sense of understanding and hope around my triggers, my values and my sexuality. Already I am seeing huge shifts and improvements in my life and relationship.

I have been to many ‘healers and coaches’ over the years, however never has the information made sense the way it did with Tristan. His knowledge is so incredibly valuable & transformation inevitable.’

Astra Hamilton, Byron Bay, NSW


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‘Tristan is a genuine empath with an extensive library of knowledge from various disciplines related to human health & healing. He responds to your inquiries and concerns by pulling information from these places and delivering them to you in terms you can understand. Every question has a compelling answer and this makes any session with him very enlightening and engaging. Furthermore, he’s able to listen, deeply, and carefully. So you can talk about yourself in whichever way you want without having to worry that he’s checking time or wishing you would wrap it up. It’s a gift of being truly heard, which is too rare to receive this day and age. His therapy programs are individually tailored to meet your way of thinking and healing needs and he uses various modalities to help you work through your subconscious programming and mend unhealthy thinking habits. I highly recommend a session with Tristan.

Ria Burgess, New York, USA

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‘Tristans workshop The Global Male Vulnerability Deficit was an eye and heart opening dive into the embodiment of next level warrior consciousness. A radical call for men to fully live into the highest vision of self-responsibility and authenticity in openly exploring and exposing the negative wounded masculine within our collective operating system. Tristan’s exploration of the heart-blow phenomena was a deeply confronting call to clean up my own river and step into higher integrity in listening more deeply to the language of my own heart and that part inside that just f__king knows.  These are downloads that all men on a path of no-bullshit radical self-responsibility and personal transformation will benefit in exploring with an open heat and mind.’

Paul Daley, Kyogle NSW


‘Tristan offers knowledge & wisdom on a wide range of stimulating & thought proving topics. He channels through vast realms of information in a uniquely engaging manner.

Listening to Tristan’s work I have absorbed valuable insights, awakening my spirit to greater possibilities. Gently opening doorways of the mind, stretching beyond limited perceptions; catalyzing & encouraging exploration into the deep recess of SELF & BEING & skillfully guiding to deeper levels of understanding.

I received many treasure gifts from Tristan’s presentations’

Adee Moses, Mullumbimby, NSW

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‘Tristan’s coaching session was a breath of fresh air. His unique wisdom in human psychology / quantum physics / sexuality / social behaviour mixed with a wonderful grasp of emotional intelligence meant that for the first time in a long time I felt completely understood and looked after. I walked out of my session with a compete new understanding of myself which has opened up a space for true and real healing & a genuine excitement for life on the other side of certain pain.
I can’t thank Tristan enough.’

Katy Alexander, Byron Bay, NSW

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‘Tristan is a wonderful man with a special set of skills for those looking to heal themselves.
He puts you at ease and connects solidly with you, enabling him to navigate the flow of the session with a beautiful precision. Because of this he is able to get to the nuts and bolts of what is going on for you. I highly recommend having a session or more with Tristan.’

Kaz Armet, Sunshine Coast, QLD

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‘I first met Tristan at the Earth Frequency Festival as my partner and I were passing by one of his talks.  What sparked our interest was his discussion topic on how men and women communicate differently.  This was a discussion that my partner and I were having the previous evening, and the content was particularly insightful for both of us, and we immediately booked a session with Tristan to delve into our individual circumstances and how they effected our relationship.

I first visited Tristan with no preconceived ideas about his healing techniques, or his skills a life coach, nor really with a clear idea of the issues that I wished to address.  During our first session, we touched on a number of events in my life which I had repressed, or certainly had not adequately come to terms with. Tristan helped me put these issues into perspective, and through the process of regression healing, we were able to commence our journey together along the path to addressing these issues once and for all.  This journey continues, however, life is significantly better and Tristan continues to assist me to put events into perspective.

As a working professional, I consider myself to be intelligent and a good judge of the professional capabilities of others.  Whilst Tristan holds no university degrees, he displays the knowledge and wisdom of a studious practitioner of all that he turns his hand to.  His ability to assist in rationalising thought processes and leading the discussion to realisation is astounding.  Selecting the right tools to address any given situation is also one of his areas of proficiency.  Whether it be journeying through a dreamtime healing session, or counselling and discussing issues to create awareness in self, Tristan displays a high degree of skills, knowledge, and care to achieve the desired outcome for his clients.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.’

Dallas Beauchamp, Brisbane, Australia

Koh Pipi

‘I have attended Tristan’s lectures at various transformational music festivals and watched his online lectures too. I was very impressed with his level of knowledge and also his ability to inspire change in the listener. I believe he speaks the truth, it resonates with me. I’m glad the topics he talks about are now out there in the community to contemplate.’

Suz Aki Cor, Gold Coast, QLD


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