The Corrupt Guru: A Discourse on Global Misogyny Issues and Personal Solutions


Workshop Four

This workshop tackles the why’s and how’s of the largest cause suffering in our culture: Sexual and Physical Assault. Tristan will discuss the roots of hatred towards women and how this is playing out all around us and how to solve these imbalances through self work.

Cornering the Corrupt Guru

  • What is the Corrupt Guru Archetype?
  • The Negative Sexual Path and Happy Sociopathic Life-Style Choices
  • We Have Been Living inside a Long Tradition of Misogyny
  • Treating Women and Sex with Control, Commoditization & Infinite Consumption
  • The Disease of Hyper-Self-Entitlement coupled with Hyper-Self-Gratification
  • What does the Corrupt Guru want? –  Docile, Controllable Women.
  • What does the Corrupt Guru fear? – Empowered Women who will Challenge him.

Why and How is this Happening?

  • Male Trauma & Resentment Toward the Total Feminine
  • Monotheism – Religions that Glorify a Male Creator/Leader
  • Culturally Accepted Systems of Destroying the Male Heart & Nervous System
  • Acknowledging the Effect of Abuse against Men
  • Physical & Psychic Warfare Against All Empowered Women through Targeting the Vagina.
  • Conservative Societal Brainwashing and Tolerance of Poor Gender Equality
  • International and National Case Studies of the Corrupt Guru Archetype
  • Epigenetic Warfare against Women through Time.

The Divine Nature of the Vagina-Brain-Connection

  • Creativity & Core Sense of Self
  • Sexual Connection & Brain Chemical Balance
  • The Womb, ESP & the Vaginal Pulse of Connection
  • The Portal of Life

Identifying and Acknowledging the Negative Sexual Attributes in Ourselves

  • The Negative Sexual attributes in the Masculine
  • The Negative Sexual attributes in the Feminine
  • Lifting the Veil of Separation in Our Sexuality


  • ‘This Stops With Me.’ – Healing Our DNA through Time.
  • Social Re-Structure and Being Around Positive People
  • Talking Therapy and Helping Others
  • Clearing Our Personal Cultural Shame Constructs so we Can Ask for Help
  • Seeing the Game from the Outside
  • Worship of the Earth/The Mother/The Feminine
  • Dropping Deeper into Oneness
  • “The Standard You Walk Past is the Standard You Accept”
  • Deep Self Regulation


If you have any questions at all on the content, feel free to inquire.