The Vitality of Vulnerability & Warrior Consciousness

Luang Probang waterfall

Workshop Three

In this workshop Tristan will explore one of the most hidden and powerful issues effecting most men and women in our culture – many men’s inability to feel and express emotion. Tristan will also offer a way of being in society, by feeling deeply into our non-separation with others – Warrior Consciousness.

What is the Purpose of Exploring These Topics?

  • Raising Awareness Via Discussion of Taboo Subjects
  • Collective and Global Holographic Healing Through Self Work
  • Discovering Love, Intimacy & The Emotional Truth of Vulnerability

The Global Male Vulnerability Deficit

  • What is Vulnerability? – Emotional Truth, Intimacy & Love
  • Environmental Collapse, War and Suffering from Political and Patriarchal Leadership Abuse
  • The Hows and Whys of Making Men into Good Soldiers and How this Effects Us
  • Institutionalized Stoic and Sociopathic Competition in Society
  • Patriarchal Rituals of Abuse toward Men and Boys
  • Fear, Disconnection, Mysogeny, Becoming a Perpetrator, Violence & Suicide
  • Openness and Love being Blocked by Fear of Vulnerability

The Role of Women in Healing Men

  • Human Evolution and the Desire for ‘Hardened’ Men
  • A Woman’s Nervous System vs. Her Spiritual Needs
  • What can Women do to Help Men?
  • Vulnerability is Sexy!

The Future of Vulnerability, Intimacy and Sensitivity

  • Epigenetic Up-regulation and Being Held by the Earth
  • Free Flowing Emotional Energy and Stress Reduction
  • The Divine Transactions of an Aware Couple
  • Vulnerability is Sexy!

Identifying our Harmful Imbalances

  • Ending Willful Ignorance and Cognitive Dissonance
  • ‘California Syndrome’ and ‘Walking the Talk’
  • Why you shouldn’t beat yourself up
  • No Subtle Social Games of Entrapment
  • Veil of Separation and Self Gratification

Warrior Consciousness

  • Exchanging with others through a Feeling of Oneness
  • Combat via Love
  • Forgiveness & Compassion
  • Harmonically Resonating Love as a Defense against Negative People
  • Integrity, Truth, Transparencies
  • The Worthy Lover and the Heart Blow
  • Holographic Healing
  • The Cascade of Love/Harm through our Relationships
  • Giving in Love and Light as a Full Spectrum Way of Being


If you have any questions at all on the content, feel free to inquire.