Transformational Counselling & Regression Therapy


What to Expect from a Session with Tristan?

Join Tristan in the tranquil rainforest hideaway of Wilson’s Creek, in the hinterland of Byron Bay.

Tristan offers a very unique and dynamic counselling method that he has developed over the past decade while working with countless clients from many, many different backrounds and cultures.

His style is gentle but efficient. He creates a very safe space for people to go deep into what is effecting them and what issues they want to move through.

Tristan calls on his multifaceted knowledge in topics such as Psychotherapy, Meditation, Quantum Healing, Modern Medical Science, Cell Biology, Epigenetics, Kinesiology, Psychopharmacology, Sexual Health, Diet, Detox, Philosophy, Metaphysics, Taoism, Shamanism, Entheogens, Chi Gung & Kung Fu to guide you through your time of healing and growth.

Tristan helps you gain an understanding of both your own behaviour patterns and those of the people around you, along with insights into human relations and ways in which you can fine tune yourself by truly letting go of old wound patterns and breaking free of limiting beliefs. He inspires achievable change through his logical delivery, guiding you towards profound realizations and breakthroughs in view of easefully creating authentic, healthy, harmonious, relationships.

BLue Hole Cairn frameRegression Therapy

If you need regression to clear events, this process involves an in depth discussion before the regression session begins – to allow you to get really clear on your healing intentions.

Through this discussion together, you will formulate a list of issues, which Tristan will then guide you through clearing in a safe semi-hypnotic state.

After all the events have been cleared, Tristan will guide you through a debriefing by which you can review the changes that have been made. He will also discus healthy lifestyle choices, good emotional and thinking habits that will allow for a the most comfortable integration for your new sense of wholeness in the world around you.

After any kind of treatment Tristan will also record an articulate set of personalized positive affirmations and lessons for you. This will be emailed to you shortly after your treatment along with any relevant study material and resources you need.

Contact Tristan today for a one on one treatment

Wilsons Creek Sessions

Where: Byron Shire, NSW, Australia

How Much? $150

Duration: 120 – 180min

Skype Sessions Available

Home Visit Sessions Available Anywhere with a Negotiated Price



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