Treatment Costings Explained


The vital healing work is is almost always completed in just one treatment.

Dreamtime healing is quantum –  the healing of simply choosing from infinite possibilities. When Tristan guides you through healing yourself using this method, you literally change your time line and thus change your present and future. This means that your knowledge of your original ailment will often vanish over time or sometimes quite promptly. The imbalances you clear no longer exist for you after this work is complete. Working with Tristan is not like going to an Chiropractor or Psychologist for example. The vital work is is almost always completed in just one treatment.

However, do realize that ‘free will and choice’ for all is constantly available and you can take back any illness or imbalance you like. This is particularly common for those who are attached to the illusion of emotional benefits via being ‘unwell.’ This can also sometimes effect people don’t believe they can heal. When your belief in your own illness becomes so strong that it becomes your desire, then sickness is a guarantee because your opinion would rather not be proven wrong. The self-entitlement of proving that no practitioner can help you is a common anomaly.