What is your Spirit?

dali lotus

A restless spirit cannot take care of the body, which, when not guided by spirit, wanders down the path to death. However, a tranquil spirit which calmly guides the body is the guardian of health and longevity.

Chin Kang, On Cultivating Life, Fourth Century AD


A helpful explanation is the Australian and North American Aboriginal peoples’ ancient understanding of spirit. Our ‘spirit’ is the hyper-dimensional life form inside of each of us that moves through cycles of life, of which your current incarnation is but one cycle in very, very many. Spirit is referred to in many schools of thought as the soul. This interchangeable spirit/soul concept is acceptable, in the sense that most esoteric vocabulary is not taught in western English language, and these words are almost always interpreted to a varying degree based on one’s education, or lack there of. In most research, it seems fairly safe to interchange the words ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’, as the intention and resonance in their usage is almost always the same. For now we are going to use the term ‘spirit’.

Spirit communicates through the alpha brain wave spectrum and we often feel this communication as intuition, realizations and spontaneous truthful concepts. Regular analytical thought and ‘problem munching ego’ exist in the beta brain wave spectrum. Being in the state of spirit is to be in the alpha brain wave state. Dreaming while asleep, day dreaming and some meditation techniques are in an alpha state. Perhaps you could call this a state of ‘non local hyper dimensional super-consciousness’ because anything can be accessed, free the restrictions of time, space and dimension.

In a controlled or spontaneous environment, through this alpha state, we can access moments further back in time. With experienced intention and guidance, we can discover and clear up a lot of our shit. This is especially useful if you decide you don’t want to keep experiencing the same thing anymore. The cycles of similarity and the patterns will come up again and again in your life to point you in the direction you need to look –  back, to their creation, for resolve.